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Cosmic Fingerprints

Dividing Lines

The high-stakes promise of stem-cell research
by Paul Evans

Stem cells may hold the key to replacing diseased organs, reversing paralysis and curing Alzheimer's. But do the days-old human embryos from which they are derived have eternal souls? U.Va. voices join the national debate.

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Fun and Games

The Presidential Recordings of LBJ

The Oval Office "with the bark off"
by Margaret Edwards

Previously secret tapes, painstakingly reviewed by U.Va. scholars, offer glimpses behind the White House curtain. Here, Johnson expresses his views on civil rights, frustrations with Congress--and his intent to appoint a Hollywood actress as ambassador to Finland.

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Masters of Disaster

Head Grounds Keeper

David Neuman inherits Jefferson's vision

For the University architect, maintaining Thomas Jefferson's legacy goes well beyond designing buildings with white columns and red bricks. It's all about preserving the ideals of the Academical Village.

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Profiles in Excellence

All In

Eric Froelich's winning hand
by Dick Anderson

Eric Froelich took leave from the University and enrolled in the school of hard knocks. After making it big on the professional poker circuit, he sees value in both types of education.

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Profiles in Excellence

A Closer Tie

Enhanced programs to benefit alumni

A new partnership between the U.Va. Alumni Association and the University will lead to better offerings for alumni--and bring them closer to their alma mater.

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